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Q: Why should I replace my existing heating or air conditioning system?
A: You may wish to consider replacing your air conditioning or heating system if it is old, inefficient or in need of repair. Today's systems are as much as 60% more efficient than those systems manufactured as little as ten years ago. If you are concerned about utility bills or are faced with an expensive repair, you may want to consider replacing your system rather than enduring another costly season or paying to replace an expensive component.

Q: How do I select the right heating/cooling system?
A: Crystal Aire can size your unit based on the size of your house and several other factors that make a difference. Many homes were built without the correct sized unit which cause them to either waste energy or improperly condition your air. Crystal Aire will provide a load calculation for your home. Consider any comfort issues in the home. Some products can help improve the quality of your air and uneven temperatures from room to room.

Q: How long can I expect a new system to last?
A: If you perform regular preventative maintenance and service, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 12-15 years and a gas furnace should last as many as 20-25 years.

Q: Should I change my indoor coil?
A: When replacing your air conditioner, the answer is most likely yes. The new efficiency ratings have changed the way some of the indoor coils work. Many of the new coils include a TXV valve which can greatly increase the efficiency rating and performance of your new unit. Some of the new units require new coils to work properly.

Q: How often should I recharge my air conditioner with new freon?

A: Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners do not consume refrigerant (freon) as a car consumes oil, so under ideal conditions it would never need changing or filling. Therefore, a low freon level indicates a leak which should be repaired before adding more.

Q: Why should I be worried about the air quality in my house?
A: Most of our time is spent each day indoors. Today's new houses are more efficient and airtight making them great at conserving energy, but also makes them better at trapping potentially irritating particles inside. A properly working air system with new high efficiency filters can help to reduce the amount of dust, particles, pet hair, and pollution in your house.



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