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Seasonal Checkup:

Whether it’s an Atlanta heat wave or an unexpected wintertime cold spell, a good heating and air conditioning system makes all the difference in keeping you and your family comfortable.

We do recommend annual air conditioning check-ups in the spring, and furnace check-ups every fall. Although regular checkups will not guarantee that a unit will continue to work perfectly throughout the season, they will reveal most small problems that can lead to major, far more expensive problems if left unattended.

Summer Beat the Heat Checkup:

With summer right around the corner, you’ll soon be making big demands on your home's cooling system. Is it ready to beat the heat?

Spring is a generally mild season. It's also the ideal time to budget a bit of that savings for an air conditioning tune-up. Done now, it can prevent many small problems from becoming big, expensive problems later.

Summer checkups include the following:

  • Check for proper refrigerant (Freon) levels.
  • Check operating pressures and amp draw on compressor
  • Check all electrical components and controls
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check condenser coils to see if they need cleaning
  • Lubricate motors as needed
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Check filters
  • Check for refrigerant leaks; "If more extensive search is needed, a quote will be given.

*Freon is considered a repair part and is an additional charge per pound. 

Ask about electrostatic filters that remove 98% of air-borne contaminants.

Problems with freon leaks:

Low freon levels reduce efficiency of the air conditioner. They can freeze the evaporator coil, causing it to literally ice up. Freon is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) controlled substance, deemed hazardous if released into the environment.

The heart of the unit is the compressor, which is cooled by the refrigerant. Over time, low freon levels can cause overheating and premature failure of the compressor, often requiring complete replacement of the compressor or the entire condensing unit. A very expensive proposition.


Fall Checkup:

Before chilly autumn nights set in, you need to make an appointment for your furnace's annual checkup. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working.

Like most anything you own, regular maintenance is far less costly than repairs or replacement.

Let us give you a free quote to replace your energy wasting AC & Furnace with a new High Efficiency System.

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