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Air Conditioner Replacement:

Replacing your air conditioning system is a complicated decision. There are many options, ratings and terms you are probably not familiar with that need to be understood to make the right choice. First some terminology:

Condenser/Condensing Unit:

The condensing unit is the machine that sits on the outside of your house. Many people refer to this machine as the air conditioner or compressor, but the proper term is condensing unit. This unit contains the compressor, a condenser coil, a fan motor and some electrical components which start and stop the operation of this unit. When cooling your home, this unit performs the function of transferring heat from your home to the outside air. The efficiency of the air conditioning system is primarily determined by the condensing unit and rated in SEER "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio"

Evaporator Coil:

The evaporator coil is a part of the cooling system located inside the house. The evaporator coil is commonly referred to as the cooling coil or simply as the evaporator. If your furnace is located in a closet, the evaporator will be directly on top or beneath the furnace depending on your particular situation. When cooling your home, the evaporator performs the function of absorbing the heat from the air in the house. For efficient operation, your evaporator coil and condensing unit should be a matched set.

Arco Aire Units:

Crystal Aire is an authorized dealer for Arco Aire "Carrier" and been using them for over 15 years with no field failures. All new units going in now are 13 SEER and general need to be paired up with a new Evaporator to ensure the maximum efficiency and compatibility. Call us today for a free Quote on a new unit.

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