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A few things you can check

before you call

Things you can check on your own before you call:

There are several things that can prevent your Heating & Air Conditioning system from working. Many of these things are easy to check before you call:

My Outside Unit is not working:

  1. Check your breaker to make sure that it has not tripped. There are 2 breakers for the outdoor unit. The first breaker is in your electrical panel, the second is sometimes located near the outdoor unit.
  2. Check the door to your filter on your indoor unit. If the door wasn't put back on properly this can sometimes cause the unit to not come on.
  3. Check your Thermostat to make sure it is set properly.

My Unit Is Not Heating or Cooling as Well as it Should:

  1. Check your filter to see if they need to be changed.
  2. Check your outside unit to see if there are any leaves or debris around it.
  3. Check your  Thermostat to make sure it is set properly.
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